2014 Sno*Drift Spectator Information

General Spectating Information

     Free Spectator Guides will be printed just prior to the rally. Included in the Guide are the spectator schedules, maps, and other helpful information.
The Guides will be available in the Atlanta Senior Center - 11780 M-33, Atlanta, MI 49709, in local businesses thru out Atlanta, MI, and in businesses in the surrounding area. You can view and print an online copy
      There are NO fees or tickets required to watch most stages in the rally. There is a fee to watch the Super Special Stage, however. The Super Special stage is run at a Lewiston, MI gravel pit and is a great opportunity to watch the competitors. The fee includes a
free bus ride from either Atlanta High School or the Ace Hardware in Lewiston. If you chose to drive to the Super Special, there is an additional fee for parking. See details in the 2014 S*D Spectator Guide.

To have really good opportunities for viewing, consider volunteering!

2014 S*D Spectating
Note  that the roads on the rally route will be closed ~ 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the stage. Plan on arriving to the spectator points early to ensure access and get a good parking spot.  

2014 Spectator Area Directions and Maps
Included are written directions and illustrations of the designated spectator areas.

2014 Spectator Guide
Includes general Spectator information, details about the Super Special stage, and more.

Have fun but keep the following in mind. Please use the marked areas only for spectating and ALWAYS follow the instructions of the organizers and marshals in the area. Marshals and other officials will have vests, name tags, and other documentation with them.  This is for your safety and the safety of others around you. The entire rally will be stopped if any situation is deemed unsafe by a marshal or an official (and this has happened in the past). Remember to dress for the weather and be courteous - leave a spectating spot cleaner than when you arrived. The stage is "hot" - an active stage from the time you see the 0 car until you see the sweep vehicles come through the stage - flashing yellow lights and the last will have a flashing green light.

More Important information from the Organizers:

Please review safe spectating information at the Rally-America website!

2014 S*D Ham Radio Information

The following Ham Radio Frequency will be utilized by the Organizing Committee for Voice Communications during the 2014 Sno*Drift Rally. Both of these are found on the 2 meter band.

146.76  MHz, Offset -  PL Tone 88.5    from Alpena

Primary Repeater for Stages 1 thru 9 on Friday and Stages 10, 12 & 20 on Saturday. 

147.12  Offset +  PL Tone 151.4    from Gaylord

Primary Repeater for Stages 11, and 13 thru 19 on Saturday.  This frequency will also be used for MTC and Service located in Lewiston on Friday. 

Ham Radio operators involved with the 2014 event will be receiving detailed information soon.

Net Control will have a link to GRLevel3 Weather Radar and will broadcast any significant Weather related updates from the National Weather Service on the rally frequencies being utilized.

This year, SnoDrift will also incorporate Ham Radio APRS (automatic packet reporting system) operations as an adjunct to voice communications to assist officials at net control to keep a situational awareness of the event. In addition to workers with APRS mobiles units, APRS Trackers will be installed in selected Safety Vehicles and we will utilize information from competitors that have APRS Radios. The vehicle locations will be able to be monitored as they circulate thru the rally course on mapping screens.  

Any interested parties that wish to Monitor the APRS traffic and do not have APRS equipment should be able to do so by either various APRS smartphone applications ( if they are a licensed ham) or on their phone's web browser or portable computer with 3G capabilities. To monitor via the web, just go to http://aprs.fi  and center on Atlanta, MI.  Additional APRS information and demonstration of viewing capabilities will be available at Net Control .  More information about ham radio can be found at http://arrl.org and APRS at http://aprs.org.

If you have questions concerning ham radio use during the rally, please contact radio@sno-drift.org.




Please Help...
...the Baby Basket. The Sno*Drift Rally Organizers are trying to help this local charity in Atlanta Michigan. The Baby Basket supports poor and needy families in the surrounding communities. They are in need of new or good clean used clothing for children and babies. They need any non-perishable foods. When you come up to the rally, please bring something for them. Drop off your contributions at the A Win Sands Motel on North M-33 in Atlanta or call Sue Weaver at 989-619-5913. Thank you.

....the Atlanta Fire/ EMS Members Charity. The Fire/ EMS Members Charity comprised of off duty Fire/ EMS workers, located in Atlanta MI, is there to educate children, lend a helping hand to the elderly, warm and comfort victims of house fires, care for the wounded, support families and ensure a child has a gift to open during the holidays. Our Mission is: "Helping others by giving back" Our Purpose: "Helping individuals in times of Hardship, Fire and Tragedy".

This year, the Fire EMS Members charity is collecting personal Hygiene items, Pillows & Blankets to help victims of house fires as well as cash donations. We have a donation center set up at the "Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union" in Atlanta.

Competitors/ volunteers and spectators can leave donations at the Atlanta Senior Center during the Rally.

Donations can be sent to:
Fire/ EMS Members Charity
P.O. Box 56
Atlanta. MI 49709



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