Just what is a Performance Road Rally?

A Performance Road Rally is real cars competing on real roads. Also called Professional or Stage rallying, it is one of the largest spectator motorsports in the world. Professional rallying is a race over closed sections of rural roads by modified production automobiles. Competitors race one car at a time against the clock, on roads called stages, which are closed to other traffic. In between the racing stages, the cars travel over public roads and are required to obey all traffic laws. For more on the basics on performance rallying, review the write-up "So what is Performance Rally".

Below you will find an overview of the Sno*Drift performance rally and how it has evolved over the decades to become a top-level rally competition.

 Highlights in SnoTDrift History Year by Year Statistics

T  First SCCA performance rally in USA as a National near
     Grayling, Michigan.

T  Long running in the 70s & 80s as a National event near
     Grayling, Michigan.

T  1997 resurrected as a 60% SCCA National event in
     Montmorency County, Michigan.

T  1998 cancelled due to extremely muddy road conditions.

T  1999 ran as a 60% SCCA National event Television
     Coverage on the Local Fox SportsNetwork.

T  2000 ran as a Full SCCA National event Television
     Coverage on SpeedVision.

T  2001 ran as a Full SCCA National event Television
     Coverage on Speed Channel.

T  2002 Full SCCA National, expanded to two days,
     Television Coverage on Speed Channel.

T  2003 Full SCCA National event, 2-day event, Television
     coverage on Speed Channel - awarded “ProRally of the
     Year” by SCCA.

T  2004 Full National event, 2-day event w/ lots of snow,
     Television coverage on Speed.




Click on the links below to view past Sno*Drift rally results.



 Please note: Information for some of the early years is incomplete. If you have reliable statistics or photos you would like to share, send them to snoqueen@sno-drift.org.


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