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We are the Sno*Drift Rally .

The 2019 dates for Sno*Drift are January 25-26, 2019.

The Sno*Drift Rally is a performance rally that features prepared 2 wheel and 4 wheel  drive cars. These cars race on real roads in a time based competition. The Sno*Drift Rally features two days of racing on Montmorency County roads over snow and ice. It is the only planned snow event on the American Rally Association National Championship schedule, attracting more than fifty domestic and international teams as well as legions of dedicated rally fans. Many teams consider Sno*Drift to be their favorite event due to the unique experience of running the icy, snow banked roads WITHOUT studded tires at high speeds.  Top teams from across the United States are expected to attend the Sno*Drift Rally, as well as teams from many other countries. This year Sno*Drift will feature 15 stages that run a total distance of 130 miles.

Since 1997 the Sno*Drift Rally has traditionally been the kickoff to the rally year and will continue that role for this season.  Sno*Drift received Honorable Mention in 2008, and in 2005, 2011, and 2012 was named “Rally of the Year”, being declared the benchmark by which other National Championship events are judged.

This is the 34th anniversary of the Sno*Drift Rally. The 1973 Sno*Drift was the first event ever held as a stage type or performance rally. After several dormant years, the current format was restarted as a national event in Montmorency County in 1997.

The Sno*Drift Rally is fully contained within Montmorency County, Michigan. The residents, business owners, city, township and county officials, sheriff’s department, road commission, Tri-Township EMS, Atlanta Senior Center and Atlanta Community Schools are extremely generous and warmly welcome the rally racers, their crews and the volunteer workers. The May family generously donated the use of the gravel pit property for the site of our Super Special stage. Without all of their cooperation we could not hold our event. Huron Distributors has been a great benefit to the rally operation. We thank them for their support and hospitality.

Sno*Drift gives back to the community by donating some of the proceeds from the event to Lewiston Community Sharing, Calvary Episcopal Food Bank, the Atlanta Helping Hands as well other local charities such as The Baby Basket. We hope our contribution will help some of the disadvantaged county residents. Without all of the local assistance, we would not be able to put on such a great event.

We would also like to thank our sponsors and advertisers. Please see the link at the top of our page as well as the spectator guides to see all the companies that help support us.

If you were a spectator in previous years, consider volunteering for a position as a marshal and get ‘up close and personal’ to the competition.