Lodging Rental Form

In order to assist competitors, organizers, volunteers and spectators in finding a place to stay in and around the Atlanta, MI area for the Sno*Drift Rally, we are providing a form to assist those those individuals interested in offering lodging. If you would like to offer lodging, please fill out the form and it will be submitted to our organizers. We will list all appropriate lodging on our lodgings pages. We are providing this form and the lodgings pages as a courtesy and take no responsibility for the lodgings themselves.

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone

What type of lodging do you have to offer - i.e. home, apartment condominium, etc.? Please provide a description - how many bedrooms, baths, furnished or unfurnished, will meals or food be provided, etc.

Address of the lodging:

Beginning date of availability:

End Date of availability:

What do you want to charge for rental fees?

What other information would you like us to know about the lodging facility?

Please enter the following security code: 6281986


If you have any questions, contact Barbara Steencken at workers@sno-drift.org or 248.685.2773.